The best advertising tool for the case when you need to provide a sufficiently large amount of information at an inexpensive cost. Low cost is due to the fact that a single sheet of paper is used to make the leaflet (booklet), most often A4 format, folded one or more times, and having some fastening elements (staples, springs, etc.). Thus, it is a variant of a full-fledged catalog, convenient for carrying in a pocket or bag.
What are the leaflets?
The image-building leaflet is used to support the loyal customers base of the company. It contains general information about the company or product (service). The leaflet aimed at direct sales should purposefully stimulate demand. It should place information about actions, offers, innovations, etc.

Neosan Printing House uses paper of 90-250 g/m2 density for the production of booklets and double-side chalking cardboard for large-format booklets.

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