Flyer is the cheapest product of advertising printing. Despite the apparent simplicity and low cost, the advertising properties of the flyer are quite high and effective. Flyers can have different forms and perform different functions: information, promotion, and agitation. Nowadays, informational or promotional leaflets are the most popular. The sizes of the flyers vary from the standard 95×210 mm (Euro flyer 1/3 of the A4 format) to A5, A6, and A7. A flyer may contain information about a new company or about upcoming events, promotions and sales, discounts or new products, etc. Many clubs, cafes, shops, restaurants, and educational centers prefer using flyers as an advertising tool.

Neosan Printing House advises you to promote your company by producing large quantities of offset printing flyers. Such a choice is cheaper, while the quality and color rendition is excellent.

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