Printing brochures represent one of the most common and popular way to attract the attention of a potential buyer to the products of the company or enterprise. Brochures are used in presentations, and within promotional campaigns, marketing surveys. They can be sent by mail. Stylish design, colorfulness and informational content, as well as cheap printing of brochures, make them one of the important elements of any promotional campaign. Unlike booklets or leaflets, brochures are a more complex sample of printing products, because after printing, it is necessary to make folding, stapling and assembling.

Neosan Printing House will help you to print bright and colorful promotional brochures of any format that will be favorably distinguished among other promotional materials. For printing brochures, we offer double-sided chalk, glossy or matte paper, with a density of 60 to 250 g/m2. The lead-time for an order usually does not exceed 5 working days.

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